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XS-Calendar 2019

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  • XS-Calendar 2019

    I was asked if I will produce a XS-calender for 2019 again. Yes, I will. Again its one that I use to sell to members of the german XS Forum.
    Names of the month and days are in german. But at least we have 12 month and all in all 365 days a year like you.
    If someone from the danish XS Klub is interested, send me an email with your address to Price will be 7,30€ or 55 Kroner incl. postage.
    This is 1,30 Euro more than in Germany, because of the higher postage.
    As I know sending money from a danish bank account to a german one is expencive, there is the possibillety to pay with PayPal.
    If you use "sending money to a friend" it is free of charges for you and me.
    I will send you a message with my PayPal account, when the calenders are ready.


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    The Calendar is ready. I have send an email to everybody who ordered one.


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      Does anybody know Poul Larsen? He ordered a calendar but didn't send me an address to send it. I've send him an email, but there is no reaction.


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        He contacted me.

        I have 2 Calendar left. If there is someone whon wants to order one now, please let me know.